22 Life-Lessons I’m Still Learning at 22

At 22 years old, I believe I underwent sufficient life-experience to share some of my wisdom with you all. Some people go their whole lives without genuinely understanding these things, thus compromising their ability to become their true selves. I am aware of these lessons, but truthfully, I don’t always act according to them. Still, the wisdom is worth sharing, so here we are. Whatever age you are, these tips will either serve as reminders or enlighten.

So without further ado, here are 22 life lessons I’ve gathered thus far.

1. Prioritizing your well-being is not selfish.

2. Canceling plans is never a good look.

3. Proper email etiquette is hugely underrated.

4. Respond to texts & emails promptly.

5. Always send a thank-you note.

6. Never show up to an invite empty-handed (bring drinks/snacks for the party, a card for the host, whatever it is).

7. Feeling anxious at times is okay. Accept it.

8. Start the day slow, calm, & collected.

9. Every relationship, romantic or not, takes effort.

10. Listen to understand, not to respond.

11. Always remind your parents how much you appreciate them.

12. Nicotine really is addictive.

13. Never depend on or seek out outside validation. It’s always better to be confident from the inside outward.

14. Learn about finance management sooner rather than later.

15. Books are timeless. Keep reading.

16. Be consistent with a skincare & fitness routine.

17. Stop feeling insecure. It’s all in your head.

18. Either they like you, or they don’t. It’s not your problem.

19. Work hard now; put aside short-term enjoyment to focus on long-term goals.

20. It’s okay not to have everything figured out.

21. Use less heat on your hair; your 6-month-from-now self will thank you.

22. Everything in moderation.

That’s all that came to mind at the moment. I hope you enjoyed this post and gained some wisdom as well.

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