A Couple’s Guide to COVID-19 Lockdown

Disclaimer: Some of these tips do not apply to those in long-distance relationships.

No one said relationships were easy. They’re hard, and even the great ones require significant work. And, as if 2020 wasn’t bad enough, COVID-19’s lockdown has put extra pressure on those couples living together during this hectic time. It is no secret that any relationship requires a balance between quality time and alone time. As COVID-19 continues to favor staying home, those in relationships must navigate even more unfamiliar territory: lockdown, aka, 24/7 with our SO. This shift in dynamic means that both partners must work extra hard to preserve the fruits of the relationship and be extra mindful of ensuring sanity is still there during this lockdown.

If this lockdown has you feeling overwhelmed with emotion (i.e., fear that your relationship will suffer, fear that your partner will grow distant, fear that the romance will fade) – that’s okay and expected. But, I’m writing this article today to reassure you that your relationship CAN and WILL make it through this terrible time if you both want it to. A wise man once said anything worth having isn’t easy.

Because this lockdown can be stressful for couples living together, keep reading for some great advice to keep your relationship healthy.

Remember to have gratitude. 

Before you complain about sh*t, check yourself, sis! You gotta realize how fortunate you are in getting to go through this challenging time with your S/O. Never lose sight of that fact. Many people are going through this time alone and would trade places with you in an instant. In doing so, you are actively taking the first step in preserving your relationship and not thinking anything but thankful thoughts. 

Give your partner some space. 

In doing so, you’re giving yourself some space as well. Maintaining some degree of latitude is critical during this time – since time to ourselves allows us to rest and recharge, we can give our best to the people around us.

With this time, you can enjoy one of your favorite hobbies (or get into a new one!). Use this time constructively – either for some self-care or to start learning something you’ve always wanted to.

Then again – we don’t all have the luxury of space. But you can still create your own space. You’ll need to think outside the box: the window, the garden, kitchen, bathroom counter, or even a corner will do. Add some candles, a soft blanket, and embellish it with lots of lovely trinkets to create a soothing environment to retreat to that’s all yours. This space will benefit your relationship because it will make you a much more agreeable and more pleasant person to be around. Taking care of yourself first is going to allow you to take better care of your partner.

Dress it up once in a while.

Who doesn’t like to dress up and feel glamorous once in a while? Just because restaurants are closed doesn’t mean you can’t still dress up and spark a lil’ romantic setting for each other. So, sis, throw on your fave heels and skirt, have your partner dress up too, and both of you can enjoy a home-cooked meal together with some music and candles. This activity is great to do once in a while, as an excellent (albeit superficial) reminder of how sexy your partner is.

Get hooked on a new show/movie together.

This activity is an entertaining one that you both can do collectively, perhaps at the end of a long day or on the weekend. You can spend quality time together invested in a great show, and watch a few episodes a week. It will be something with which you both can escape the COVID-19 reality and dive into a genre of your choice. For some excellent TV show recommendations, check out this article. (If you don’t watch TV, how about a podcast? Audiobook?)

Ultimately, I hope you find these tips as useful as I have. I wish you the best of luck with your relationship and your endeavors! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment below.


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