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Hi, my name is Sabine; my pronouns are she/her/hers. I’m a proud daughter, sister, and girlfriend who likes puns, Neuroscience, and bad reality TV. I’m the youngest of 8 first-generation Syrian-American siblings from Los Angeles, CA.  

My household naturally combined the best parts of both American and Syrian ways of life. My siblings and I were loved, encouraged, treated with respect, and given all we could to flourish. Yet, there were things we could not discuss, similar to their upbringing in Syria. It’s not my parents’ fault or anyone’s. It’s cultural differences.

But healthy decision-making is essential. The basics of mental, sexual, and physical health transcend race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age. They are the foundation of what makes us all human.

It wasn’t until my high school’s semester-long mandatory Health Course that I learned about mental, sexual, and physical health. What anxiety was. What birth control was. I was so grateful for this course because I knew I had learned so much information to help me thrive in the future.

In college, I learned how social determinants of health (SDH) contribute to health disparities among historically marginalized populations. One of the major ones is education. 

I also learned about the many high schools in the Greater Boston area that couldn’t provide a health course to their students due to a lack of resources. So I joined a non-profit organization that matched volunteers with a specific high school class in the Greater Boston area to provide a free health course.

I never knew how much you could learn by teaching others or, however small; it is still progress towards eliminating these disparities. I fell in love with empowering the freshmen with the knowledge they need to navigate such a sensitive period. 

Despite how much I learned from the health course I received, things were missing. Addressing these missing topics would require an entirely separate class since there’s so much information for womxn (she/her/hers) to know! For example, I still had no idea about inserting a tampon, avoiding UTIs after sex, or dealing with anxiety. 

I started Her Runway to share the basics of mental, physical, and sexual health and create a safe space where womxn of every background are supported and empowered. Think of it like the big sister you’ve never had, who won’t shy away from any topic and talks way too much.

I sincerely hope this blog becomes your new favorite resource and helps in some way. 

Stay safe, and happy reading,

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