What has someone told you that you’ve never forgotten?

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Greetings internet, welcome to DAY 2 of the #MarchWritingChallenge! Today’s prompt is:

What HAS someone said to you that yoU’ll never forget?

Years ago, after a beautiful brunch filled with pastries and almond milk lattes, my friend and I were walking around our familiar neighborhood. For as long as I can remember, there’s been a Psychic shop near where we were. Neither of us had gone to a psychic before (or knew anyone that had). But, it was so beautifully decorated, looked so inviting, we just had to go in (you understand). 


The psychic was a middle-aged lady with brown hair and wisdom marks near her eyes. She had her son with her in the store, calmly watching cartoons on a tablet. The woman warmly greeted us inside to a bright pink lounge area and applied an oxygen mask over her face as she sat down on the couch. (This was pre-COVID, of course.) She and her store were charming.


My friend and I got tarot cards and our palms read to us. In all, my reading probably lasted about 30-40 minutes. As she focused on laying the cards out one by one, she spoke about my future career, relationships, family life, etc. Whether or not it’s true, hearing it was mind-blowing.

In the end, I had the opportunity to ask her any question I wanted. I didn’t know about this part. Quickly, I asked, “is there anything else you would like me to know?” (facepalm, I know)

The woman blinked slowly and smiled. She said, “your aura, at its core, is a lovely aqua blue. There are things or people in your life that are clouding it. Make sure to wash that away.” Then she gave me a small, shiny crystal to keep in the shower and hold when I lather.

Fist-pumping her son on the way out, I never did stop thinking about that reading.

Now, in no way am I saying that psychics are real. Still, what she said has never left my memory. At the time, I was facing challenges of my own and often didn’t feel like myself. Of course, with time comes the best healing, and I hope I’ve done an excellent sweep in ridding any lingering clouds in the sky that is my aura (LOL, sorry, I had to).

Until next time,

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10 Things That Make Me Happy

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Hello readers, happy Monday and Happy March! Today is the FIRST DAY of the March Writing Challenge! To kick off the month, today’s prompt is:

What are 10 things that make you happy?

To be honest, this question isn’t as easy as I thought. Because, like, am I supposed to mention just tangible, actual objects that bring me joy? Or, can I include a more abstract-type “the feeling of…”; also, can I include people? (since they’re not technically things…).

Anyway, I need to stop over-thinking this activity and just go for it. So, in no particular order, here are 10 of a lot of things that never fail to make me happy:

Let’s type this up, since I don’t have the neatest handwriting.

1. Walking my dog.

Although it’s really him walking me most of the time (LOL).

2. Charcuterie boards.

With lots of spread & fresh grapes that pop in your mouth.

One of the boards I managed to put together despite “limited” ingredients 😍

3. Freshly-cleaned bedsheets.

You know, you just get that feeling as you climb under the sheets, especially after a hot shower. It’s like Heaven on Earth. Who’s with me?

black and beige book on white bed sheet
Photo by Lum3n on

4. Tarot card readings.

Honestly, whether it’s bluff or not, nothing can change my mind on this 😂 (trust me, ask my friends/my BF has tried). They’re just fun, to give and to receive. Sometimes they’re weirdly accurate, while at other times, you get a freaky card and are like WTF. But it’s all part of the process – just sit back, relax, and have your question ready.

You do Tarot readings in the library TOO?

5. My tattoo.

It hurt a little bit.

It says Sandra in Arabic, located (privately) on the side of my ribcage (sorry, not pics to publish). I tattooed the name in Arabic because it is my late sister’s name, who passed away when I was around 16 years old, and because Arabic is the language of my culture/heritage in Syria. I am always happy when I see the tattoo. Sandra will always be a source of inspiration for my life goals, and I am so glad to have her on my side (literally).

6. Wine.

Nothing like a fresh, cold glass of Pinot Grigio on a warm day, or the sweet, cinnamon-y taste of mauled wine during the winter holidays. I’m no connoisseur by any means, although I’m not opposed to the idea.

7. Skincare.

Not only does this help with me a morning/evening routine (which I need and love), but who doesn’t like healthy, vibrant skin? (I’ve been using these three products forever and truly can’t get enough.)

Also, face masks are a great way to relax at the end of the day and incorporate some self-care into a busy schedule.

Sulfur mask by ZO Skin

8. Traveling.

Oh, the places you’ll go!

9. Sunsets & sunrises.

There’s something always so calming about them…

10. My family & friends.

Duh! (Below is a non-exhaustive collection of said persons.)

It was a fun mental exercise to reflect on some things that genuinely make me happy. I don’t think I’ve ever done something like this activity before, and it was a great way to experience something new and challenge myself. I highly recommend you make a similar list, as well as leave any thoughts or questions below!

Until Day 2 tomorrow,

31 Ways To Challenge Yourself this March (Number 2 Is My Favorite)

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Writing is good for the mind and soul. I’ve wanted to challenge myself lately, and because March is coming up soon, why not create my own set of prompts and hop on the Writing Challenge train?

Alas, after coming up with a balance of thought-provoking + entertaining questions, I present to you my very first 31-day March writing challenge!

(Pssst: downloadable PDFs at the bottom of the page!)
(Pssst: downloadable PDFs at the bottom of the page!)

In short, I challenge you to answer each of these 31 prompts every day during March. You may spend at most 1 hour, but no less than 10 minutes, per day answering these questions. You can either type them or hand-write them, whatever you prefer!

(Of course, I’m doing this too.)

What’s the catch?

  • You are not allowed to think about your answers ahead of time.
  • There is no “right” answer.
  • No skipping days (unless it’s an emergency).

Why the 31-Day Writing Challenge?

Well, besides the obvious getting to know yourself better, it’ll enhance focus, expand vocabulary, refine communication, improve contemplation, and revamp your brain activity! (AND we’re doing it together.)

Be sure to come back on March 1st to read my entries and follow along!

Are you ready?

Sign up here!

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Questions or concerns? Leave them down below, or send them on Instagram.

Your COVID-Friendly Guide to Laguna Beach, CA

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If you are in Southern California and looking for a quick, COVID-19 friendly weekend away, definitely consider visiting Laguna Beach.

With ample accommodation options and take-out restaurants, Laguna Beach has many COVID-19 nice things to offer during these stressful times.

Me ft. yoga mat

Because the time I spent there recently (while following WHO & CDC protocols) proved to be incredibly refreshing, I’ve listed a few key activities to do there when you get the chance.

Keep reading if you’re interested.

Walk Up Alta Laguna.

With most workout facilities closed these days, it’s a good idea to get some exercise outdoors. What better way to do so than on a scenic incline walk? Although this walk is gorgeous at any time of day, I recommend going in the morning before it gets too hot. Of course, don’t forget your sunscreen, mask, and hand sanitizer.

Pick Up a “Date Shake” at The Stand.

The Stand is a delicious, 100% vegan natural foods restaurant. Because of this, you’re bound to find something delicious that accommodates any diet, feeling satisfied and refreshed. (My BF thoroughly enjoys the Date Shake and the avocado sandwich.)

Visit the Art Galleries.

The artist hub of Orange County, Laguna Beach, has so many art galleries that it is impossible to run out of beautiful sights to see. A few of my favorite galleries are located on South Coast Highway.

Go Hiking at Top of the World.


With more than 20,000 acres of protected wilderness, Laguna Beach is perfect for adventurous exploration. I recently completed the Top of the World hike with my BF, and it was an awesome feel-good and socially-distanced 2.4-miles.

Eat a Banzai Bowl.

Born and raised in LA, I thought I had tried the worst and the best of acai bowls. I was wrong. The Maui Sunrise bowl from Banzai is, hands-down, the BEST acai bowl I’ve ever eaten. I do not say this lightly.

Walk on the Beach.

This is a self-explanatory and mandatory activity. Be sure to wear sunscreen, and enjoy basking in the vitamin D. (FYI: I wore a mask for this walk. I took it off for these photos.)

Enjoy the Sunsets.

If you’re anything like me, you never fail to enjoy a beautiful sunset. It’s time to pour yourself a glass of Sangria & listen to some great music.

And so there you have it! Some suggestions to keep in mind for your next trip to Laguna Beach, CA, during this COVID-19 season. Remember to wear a mask and wash your hands. Stay safe & bon voyage!

For more travel guides, check out this page.

January 2021 Mood

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Happy New Year, everyone. Finally, we can say goodbye to the betrayal of 2020 and welcome January 2021 with open arms.
Because we’re still needing to social-distance and stay home (at least for the beginning of 2021), this means we have a bit of extra time to figure out what our goals for the new year are. What do you want the new year to look like for you? What are some things you want to accomplish?

Hopefully, this mood board for January 2021 will help kickstart your imagination.
We hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 💫

Feel free to leave a comment below sharing your thoughts about this mood board or your goals for the new year.

Be sure to check out this link for previous mood boards!