How can these Creepy TV Shows be so Binge-Worthy Good?

Trigger warnings: these TV shows include discussion of physical violence, sexual violence, abuse (including emotional abuse), slurs, drug or alcohol abuse, eating disorders, and suicide and self-harm.

Recently in lockdown, my BF and I watched two of the best creepy TV shows we’ve seen. They are The Haunting of Hill House & The Haunting of Bly Manor. Honestly, these shows are so scary that I don’t know why I feel the need to write about them. But I do. So let’s do this.

These creepy TV shows, available on Netflix, are phenomenal. But I must warn you – some scenes, in some episodes, are scary as ****. At some points, suddenly, popcorn is spilling, and you’re about to piss through your leggings. But then the character development, and just the plot, and the feeling of I-need-to-figure-out-WTF-is-happening leaves you watching for the life of you! (No pun intended.)

Here are there descriptions from the web:

1. The Haunting of Hill House

In the summer of 1992, Hugh and Olivia Crain and their children—Steven, Shirley, Theodora, Luke, and Eleanor (Nell)—move into Hill House to renovate the mansion in order to sell it and build their own house, designed by Olivia. However, due to unexpected repairs, they have to stay longer, and they begin to experience increasing paranormal phenomena, resulting in a tragic loss and the family fleeing from the house. Twenty-six years later, the Crain siblings and their estranged father reunite after tragedy strikes again, and they are forced to confront how their time in Hill House has affected each of them. The plot alternates between two timelines, following five adult siblings whose paranormal experiences at Hill House continue to haunt them in the present day, and flashbacks depicting events leading up to the eventful night in 1992 when the family fled from the mansion.

2. The Haunting of Bly Manor

The story tells of a young governess hired by a man to look after his niece and nephew at the family country house after they fall into his care. Arriving at the Bly estate, she begins to see apparitions that proceed to haunt the premises. It is the follow-up series to The Haunting of Hill House and the second entry in The Haunting anthology series. The creative team and much of the cast of Hill House returned for Bly Manor, but the two series’ narratives are not connected.

So, the point is, the directors, producers, actors, and crew all worked amazingly together and hit the nail on the head this Halloween season. If you can bear the scary parts, these shows are a must-watch. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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