OOTW: Loungewear Edition

It’s a shame. I had some pretty cute clothes planned for the fall, winter, even summertime that are merely folded up in my closet, gathering dust, calling my name in the darkest hours, begging to be worn and adored! (Then again, I am well aware of the fact that this problem is so incredibly minor – especially compared to the real struggles people are facing during this COVID-19 pandemic. This article is for entertainment purposes only.) Still, one thing I realized during this COVID-19 era is the miracle of loungewear. In all honesty, I will probably continue to rock loungewear even once this whole pandemic thing blows over. To show you just how fun loungewear can be, and because I love reading/watching what others are wearing at home during this Quarantine, I’ve decided to share my outfits for a sample week.


Without further ado, keep reading for some #WorkFromHome inspiration.

Disclaimer: these outfits wouldn’t be appropriate for, say, a Zoom meeting with your boss, coworkers, or professor, etc. These outfits are primarily for those days where you can work on your computer or lounge around without anybody seeing you.







So there you have it – an example OOTW involving loungewear during #WFH. If working from home has got you feeling lazy/unproductive, definitely check out this article!

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